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JVC NX-PN7: Two iPods are better than one, apparently

If you've got one iPod, you buy a standard iPod dock. But what if you own an iPod and an iPhone? JVC has just launched a speaker system that docks two iPods simultaneously

It's getting harder and harder to build an original iPod accessory these days, but it's also becoming more and more common for households to have more than one iPod in them, and this needs addressing. At least according to JVC.

Fresh off the production line as of today is the new JVC NX-PN7 -- an iPod speaker system with space for not one, but two iPods simultaneously. Yes, that old, still-working iPod Apple tempted you to replace can now have some sort of use again.

But perhaps this will appeal more to owners of both an iPod and an iPhone? We've no idea really. Still, the NX-PN7 will charge both 'Pods at the same time, though presumably it won't simultaneously play back different songs from each device.

Also included is an AM/FM radio, line-in socket and video-out for hooking up the 'Pods to a TV. Now if this could somehow perform some sort of split-screen action, playing different videos from each iPod on the same screen at the same time, we'd be a touch more excited than we are now.

Honestly, we don't see this being a big seller for JVC, but it will undoubtedly interest some Apple obsessives with a billion iPods to their name. A USB connection for twin-'Pod syncing would've been handy, though.

We're still waiting to hear back from JVC as to whether this schizophrenic contraption will make its way to British soil, but you can buy one now in the US for $150 (£75). Click through for another remarkably predictable photo. -Nate Lanxon

Woah! Just look at those two... hot, slim husband on the left, his hot, touch-loving wife on the right. Hot.