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Judge shows just how much he hates cell phones

Even if your company has a no-cell-phones policy in the workplace, your boss probably hasn't resorted to the tactics of one California judge.

U.S. District Court Judge William Shubb has apparently had enough of annoying ring tones disrupting his courtroom. Witnesses say he became so enraged when a phone went off during court last week that he confronted the thoroughly embarrassed elderly cell owner and ordered her to hand over the offending device.

According to the Sacramento News & Review, witnesses said Shubb then proceeded to hurl the handset out into the hallway. The judge defended his actions, saying, "I didn't throw it; I tossed it." Nevertheless, when the woman retrieved her phone, it was out of commission, SN&R said.

Shubb then commanded deputies to confiscate every other cell phone in the room, and later posted signs on his courtroom doors that read, "All persons are ordered to turn their cell phones off."

He apologized later, saying, "I regret that I had to take such severe measures."

Point taken.