Join CNET on Thursday for Samsung's second IFA press conference live blog

Watch nice and early as Samsung makes a bunch of home entertainment and smart appliance announcements at IFA.

Samsung's curved OLED TV on sale in the US Sarah Tew/ CNET

On Wednesday, Samsung will dominate the news with a press conference focused on the Galaxy Gear and Note 3, but that's just the beginning of its announcements at IFA.

Thursday will see the company take the stage again to talk about the rest of its new products, focusing heavily on TVs. CNET will be there with a live stream and live blog of the event: check this page out on Thursday at 9:45 a.m. UK, 10:45 a.m. Germany, 4:45 a.m. ET, or 2 a.m. PT for second-by-second updates, photos, and a live stream of the conference.

CNET's live stream and live blog of Samsung's second IFA press conference.

We've seen lots of TV fads recently: 3D a few years back, more recently smart TV services, but now we're starting to see all the manufacturers talk about OLED. Take Samsung's big rival LG, for example. On Monday it announced a "Gallery OLED TV" for IFA, a 55-inch OLED TV that's stuck to a frame for hanging on the wall. That looks to me as if LG is trying to combine the superior picture quality OLED offers over LCD and plasma with some of the wacky design ideas Samsung showed off at CES in its "easel TV."

More crazy designs are one way Samsung could go in this press conference, but another is the other hot home entertainment topic of the moment, 4K. Most of the big TV manufacturers have 4K TVs either in the shops or on the way, but there's not much going on in terms of ways to watch proper 4K content on them. Perhaps we'll hear something about that.

Samsung is also expected to use this conference to focus on smart appliances, so maybe we'll see a fridge that tweets or a robot butler. Last year the highlight of Samsung's white goods stand was a fridge that can hold more cheeses than its rivals, so it should be worth watching for the entertainment value alone.

Make sure you head to our live stream and live blog on Thursday, and let me know what you want to see from Samsung's second IFA press conference in the comments below. Tschuss!

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