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Jeremy Lin crushing it as overnight Twitter star

Few people outside of his friends and family ever heard of him a week ago. Now he's turned into a sports (and Twitter) phenom.

Jeremy Lin in action against the New Jersey Nets YouTube

"Can Jeremy Lin fix the Eurozone debt crisis?" "Who put sports in my Twitter again?" "Wow, just wow."

Wow, indeed.

Just some of the posts on Twitter as the twitterverse reacted to the most amazing--yes, the most amazing--rags-to-riches, feel-good sports story of the century. (One of the benefits of living in 2012 is that I can say that without starting too much of a bar fight).

The sudden emergence of the unheralded New York Knicks guard as the top sports story across the nation is predictably reflected on this Twitter stats page generated by Twitter Counter. Given that Lin punches a clock in the nation's media capital and that he's playing like the reincarnation of Walt Frazier--he scorched Kobe Bryant and the Lakers Friday night--you can discount some of the excitement as predictable hype.

But the real intrigue over the Lin story has lit up the social media world.

In four days, the number of people following @JLin7 surpassed 150,000 and and is projected to net more than 400,000 within 15 days. Not bad for a guy who was a media nobody before "Linsanity" abruptly entered the lexicon.

Anyway, put February 23 on your calendar: Lin versus LeBron on national TV.

(Correction: An earlier version of this story misstated the number of Lin's Twitter followers. The author obviously failed ninth-grade algebra.)
"Linsanity" hits Twitter Twitter Counter