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Jelly Bean, Firefox OS and bedworking in Phone News video

Hit play for the latest on Jelly Bean, Firefox OS, a map that goes where GPS can't, and to learn why your phone is working you too hard.

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Android 4.1 Jelly Bean has arrived -- but when's it coming to your phone? Click play on our spiffy Phone News video to find out the latest. We'll also update you on some new phone map technology that can go where GPS can't, Firefox finding its way to phones, and why your phone is taking your work to bed.

British boffins are working on a way to make your phone's map work indoors -- and even underground. A new location technology, called Navigate by Signals of Opportunity, or Navsop, can lock onto Wi-Fi and TV signals to reach places that today's GPS can't.

Today's phones also find themselves challenged in future by Firefox OS, a new operating system for phones that will challenge Apple, Android and Windows Phone when it arrives on ZTE, Alcatel and O2 phones next year.

And finally, you're working too hard. I'm not saying that because of the massive bags under your eyes, but because of new research that reveals we put in an extra three whole weeks of labour after we officially down tools -- and it's all our phones' fault.

Good Technology reckons 93 per cent of UK workers continue working outside of office hours, whether it's checking emails or answering calls. And the average worker clocks up three and a half hours of work every week, even when they've clocked off. Two thirds of us check our email before 7am and a third of us have even sent work emails while in bed.

The smart phone revolution may have brought us Angry Birds and other wonderful distractions, but it's also got us plugged into the office like never before -- and the bring your own device trend is only going to continue as people use their own phones and computers to work.

Are you looking forward to Jelly Bean? Would you favour a Firefox phone? And do you keep working even when you're supposed to clock off? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.