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James Kim benefit auction starts Wednesday

A variety of eclectic art will be up for auction online starting Wednesday, with 100 percent of the proceeds going to the James Kim Memorial Fund. Kim, a senior editor at CNET, was found dead in the snowy Oregon wilderness last month after leaving his family's stranded car to seek help.

Arts and crafts by dozens of artists will be available on the five-day auction--among them, Jill Bliss, a featured artist at Doe, the Kim family's boutique located in the Lower Haight district of San Francisco. Along with Bliss, 43 other artists have contributed their work in efforts to raise money for the Kims.

In addition to painted goods, there will be prints, pottery, soft toys, stationery, clothing, jewelry, home accessories and more. All of the items on the auction's Typepad site will be up for sale on eBay, where prospective buyers will be able to bid. Click here for a preview of items available, and more information about the auction.