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Small Appliances

Jamba Juice aims to set up shop in your kitchen

Partnering with Hamilton Beach, Jamba Juice has announced a line of four new appliances so you can juice and blend your own smoothies at home.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

With four new products scheduled for release throughout 2015, Jamba Juice hopes to give you the keys to making their trademark smoothies on your own. By partnering with known appliance maker Hamilton Beach, Jamba Juice expands beyond the storefront, while Hamilton Beach gets new branding to explore the premium side of blenders.

Typically known as a discount manufacturer, and reliably producing solid blenders at low price points, Hamilton Beach will explore unknown territory here with high powered machines designed to compete with Vitamix.

Here are the four products announced from the new partnership:

  • Jamba Professional Blender: A $450 machine that looks to be cut from the same cloth as Vitamix. It has a 2.4 horsepower motor and comes with a 64 ounce jar and an emulsion cup. It's due out this month.
  • Jamba Quiet Blend Blender: A unique cover sits over this $190 processor and supposedly block in sound so you can make a smoothie without waking your family. It has a 1.6 horsepower motor and comes with a 32 ounce jar and a 20 ounce travel cup with a separate blade assembly. A separate version will sell for $170 without the travel cup. It's due out in July.
  • Jamba Professional Juice Extractor: A $200 juicer with a 3 ½ inch chute claimed to be the largest available. It packs a 1100 watt motor and a 34 ounce container and is due out in August.
  • Jamba Professional Citrus Juicer: Available now for $160 on Jamba's appliance website, the Citrus Juicer has an easy grip handle and a drip spout.

Each product includes a recipe book so you can dive right into Jamba flavored smoothie making. No word on international availability yet.

I look forward to testing the quiet shield for the Jamba Quiet Blend Blender in particular. Noise is a common annoyance with blenders, and if the shield is effective and the blender retains Hamilton Beach's usual competence with smoothies, it'll make for an intriguing buy.

Jamba's new high powered blender looks familiar. Jamba Juice

Almost everything else about the two announced blenders is markedly less unique. In fact, both the tamper of the Jamba Juice Quiet Blender and the entire design of the Jamba Professional Blender bear more than a striking resemblance to the Vitamix 7500.

That said, again, Hamilton Beach is new to the premium blender game. With the Jamba brand, Hamilton Beach can explore the high-powered side of things while keeping their own reputation for discount options separate. And since this is new territory, Hamilton Beach might be smart to evoke one of the most popular brands of top-tier blending.

Even the specs of the Jamba Professional Blender look positioned to compete with and slightly outdo Vitamix. The Jamba Pro costs $450 to the Vitamix 7500's $530 price point. It has 2.4 horsepower to the 7500's 2.2. The 64 ounce jar matches the 7500's capacity.

The Jamba Professional looks to remind you of Vitamix with enough tweaked details to gain favorable comparisons. Pushing for that extra bit of power has its dangers, though. The Blendtec 725 pushed the wattage of the excellent Blendtec Wildside too far and ended up with an unstable machine that tends to shred it's own gasket.


If the Jamba Professional avoids that trap, it could gain a foothold in the premium market by playing a familiar tune with appealing differences. At the very least, between the high end Jamba Pro and the mid-range Jamba Quiet Blend, Jamba Juice has made itself an interesting new contender in at home smoothie making, and Hamilton Beach has found a way to push beyond its traditional comfort zone.