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'iWeb to Wordpress' converter offers potential for iWeb bloggers

Apple's iWeb and MobileMe hosting are being canceled, so here is an option for people who have used these applications and services to create personal blogs.

One of the services that Apple offered when it initially released MobileMe was personal Web hosting, allowing users to create Web pages with Apple's iWeb program. While Apple will still be supporting its personal Web hosting service until June 30, 2012, the service will eventually be shut down. In addition, Apple's iWeb program has been discontinued, so while it still works, it too will sooner or later need to be replaced.

This situation will affect anyone who uses either iWeb or MobileMe hosting, but luckily there are a few options for people wanting to transition to alternative services and tools.

If you use MobileMe to host a Web site, even if you use iWeb you can sign up for another hosting service and then republish your site using that service instead of MobileMe. Doing this may be the easiest solution for most people, since iWeb supports WebDAV and FTP transfer options, both of which are supported by many popular hosting services.

One problem that does crop up affects people who have come to rely on iWeb for managing their personal blogs. While transferring the blog to a new service may be easy to do, without support for iWeb the program may no longer function as expected, especially on newer hardware and operating-system software. Therefore, people using iWeb may want alternative options.

One option we discussed previously that might have some potential is Adobe's new Muse program, which offers an easy approach to Web page development; however, this will be a more expensive option than iWeb at a subscription price of $15 per month.

If you are using iWeb to create and manage a personal blog, then transferring all of your posts may be a bit of a daunting task. To address this issue, the company Rage Software has developed a tool called iWeb to WordPress that will, as its name suggests, convert your iWeb site to a WordPress site so you can continue blogging using the very popular open-source WordPress software.

To use the software, first you publish your iWeb site to a local folder on your computer, then drag that folder to the converter's window, where it creates a WordPress blog feed XML file out of it. From here, you go to your WordPress site using the WordPress Importer plug-in.

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