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Tech Industry

It's a small world on the Net

If there ever were any doubts about industries on the peripheries of the Net converging, deals struck this week should erase them.

If there ever were any doubts about whether the industries on the peripheries of the Internet were converging, deals struck just this week should erase them. Companies ranging from entertainment giant Disney to telco titan AT&T and broadcast powerhouse NBC all have forged partnerships with Net companies, looking to become the latest, greatest portal brand.

Disney takes stake in Infoseek
update Walt Disney buys a 43 percent stake in Infoseek, ending a week of speculation that the two companies would combine forces.

Convergence through mergers
news analysis Not waiting for PCs to merge with TVs, media titans are buying Net companies and creating another form of convergence.

AOL up after AT&T report
update America Online rises in preopening trade after a report the online service had declined a tentative buyout offer from AT&T.

AOL affirms independence
update The online giant's top executives tell employees that it is committed to remaining independent and is not merging with AT&T.

Telco speculation fuels Net stocks
Internet stocks surge on renewed speculation that they may become the prey of telecommunications carriers and "old media" companies.

Telcos hit snags in Net efforts
update Deregulation was supposed to make it easier for telcos to jump onto the Net, but they have had difficulty connecting on the promise.

Excite, AT&T service launches
Excite and AT&T WorldNet today launch their joint Web-based online service in hopes of attracting new users with a package of services at a lower price point.

NBC buys stake in CNET, Snap
update NBC purchases a 19 percent stake in CNET's Internet portal service, and will operate the service as a joint venture.

Telcos aim for one-stop shops
update/news analysis The $62-billion buyout of Ameritech by SBC Communications is another bold move to create a "one-stop shop" for phone and data services in the telecommunications industry.

AT&T broadens Net strategy
news analysis After a wild week on the Internet, in which it announced partnerships with three major search and content sites, AT&T is promising more of the same to come.