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'iRadio' on the cards as Apple reportedly nabs Sony deal

Apple's rumoured streaming music service could make its grand debut at next week's WWDC.

Apple's long-rumoured music streaming service could be revealed as soon as next week, with the fruit-flavoured firm reportedly making a deal with its third major music label.

Tim Cook and pals have inked a contract with Sony Music, AllThingsD reports, following word earlier in the week that Apple was scrambling to get labels on board for the new service.

If there is a rush, it's likely because Apple wants to debut the service -- unofficially dubbed iRadio -- at its WWDC conference next week, where we'll likely also get our first glimpse at iOS 7.

Apple is said to have already made deals with Universal and Warner, but could have another hurdle in the shape of Sony/ATV, which is Sony's music publishing arm. Apparently one disagreement holding up the signing of contracts was over whether Sony would get money every time a song was skipped.

If real, Apple's music streaming service would go toe-to-toe with the likes of Spotify and, and would likely let you stream tunes without buying them outright, recommending tracks based on your previous listening history.

Would you use an Apple-branded streaming service, or are you happy with the way you acquire music already? And what do you want to see at WWDC next week? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.

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