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iPod users tackle Nano no-nos

Apple Computer's tiny new iPod Nano dazzled fans when it was first revealed. But the miniscule media player has run into a few problems.


Users have been complaining that the devices scratch easily. And there have been several reports of screens cracking, or failing, inexplicably. One user set up a Apple's message boards.

Apple executives have now acknowledged that there may be issues with the devices. According to some media reports, the company will replace broken Nano screens, and attributed the problem to a vendor relationship.

On the matter of scratches, however, the company suggested to a Macworld reporter that users should just get "one of the many iPod Nano cases to protect their iPod."

That response, and Apple's earlier responses to postings on its message boards, did not go over all that well with some bloggers.

Blog community response:

"Deleting posts on the Apple forums, or locking existing posts, Apple have taken a new stance to the media coverage of the emerging issue. To silence any customer who has a complaint with the design/built of their newest iPOD. Think different, but dont express yourself?"

"Seems Apple has said we don't have a problem you do and we don't care what hundreds of people are saying you don't have a reason to complain now go away and be quiet."
--Geek News Central

"Perhaps Apple needs a 'don't eat iPod shuffle'-style campaign to warn customers not to sit on their nanos."

"Sorry, what? Why not just tell people to leave it in the box? Or better yet - leave it in the store window. I have a feeling that's the decision more and more potential iPod customers will make."
--Tom Raftery's I.T. views