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iPod mini: Losing song access

iPod mini: Losing song access

Matthew Presley reports an issue that we have not yet heard in reference to the iPod mini, though the regular iPod has displayed a similar behavior in past reports:

"I turned on my iPod mini this morning and all of my music was missing. I did not check my contacts and appointments. The notes I stored on it were still there. My guess is that the root directory on the thing lost a reference to the music directory, but I really don't know how things are stored. The memory used when I plugged it into iTunes showed that all of the memory was still used up. Then I copied a song onto the iPod and the memory used showed that all the memory was free.

"I plugged in my iTrip (FM broadcast widget) before turning it on, which perhaps caused the problem (although it certainly should not have). I have know idea what happened. I'm now reloading all my music. Good thing I don't have a 30GB iPod or I'd be here all day."

If you are having a similar issue, with our without external add-ons like the iTrip, please drop us a line at

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