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iPhoto 4: Change in CD burning behavior from iPhoto 2

iPhoto 4: Change in CD burning behavior from iPhoto 2

Although iPhoto 4 has been praised by most users as being a significant update from version 2, especially in terms of performance, MacFixIt reader Greg Lyzenga notes a change in the way iPhoto 4 burns albums to CD:

"I have an ongoing project in which I am scanning slides, organizing them in iPhoto, and editing them with Adobe Elements. When my iPhoto album reaches the size of a CD, I burn the album to a disc for archiving. With iPhoto 4, when the album is burned to CD, the edited images are written as expected, but the unedited originals are not. This is a change from [iPhoto 2], which properly archived the entire album, including originals.

"What makes this appear to be a bug, rather than just an unannounced 'feature' of iPhoto 4 is that when setting up to burn, iPhoto reports an amount of disc usage on the CD to be burned that corresponds to the full size of the album. However, when the CD is actually burned, the amount of data actually written to the disc is much less, due to the missing originals."

Greg has experienced this issue running iPhoto 4 on a Powerbook G4 (with Superdrive) running Mac OS X 10.2.8. (iPhoto 4 is officially supported under OS X 10.2.8.)

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