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iPhone wireless updates rumoured feature of new Time Capsule

Apple may be ready to give its Time Capsule a makeover that would give it the power to update its mobile devices wirelessly.

Apple could be a step closer to its dream of a wireless world as new rumours suggest it could be about to update its Time Capsule to allow wireless updating of your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, according to sources who spoke to 9to5Mac.

Though apps can be updated over the air, Apple aficionados still have to use those funny white non-standard USB cables to get iOS updates. Allowing Time Capsule to silently fetch updates and push them over the home Wi-Fi network directly to iDevices seems like a good idea, at least for those who've fallen for the sales pitch and own a Time Capsule. As each device has a unique ID, it would be easy enough for TC to install the relevant update to each device.

While we're not particularly fazed by connecting up a mobile device to a computer for syncing and charging, it's occasionally annoying when you're in a hurry. We take a certain evil pleasure from the notion that "it pisses Steve Jobs off that you have to connect iPhones and iPads to a computer to activate them with iTunes", The Next Web reports. Angering El Jobs is something we'd never want to do in person, mind you. Besides, he's far from the only one.

We've seen predictions that tablets will become more popular than PCs in the near future, so it's not surprising Apple would like to do away with the need for a computer altogether. PCs and Macs may not disappear from the home completely, but they'll no longer be a central hub, making the need to connect up other devices to them an increasing inconvenience.

With iCloud on its way and speculation that future OS X updates will happen without requiring a physical disc, we'd not be surprised if Apple wanted to eradicate every physical object except its own hardware. If it could only master wireless power we'd be totally sorted.