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iPad Mini launches with mini lines

The smaller tablet draws smaller crowds, Apple pushes out bug fixes for iOS 6, and storm relief donations are coming through hubs on Facebook and Groupon.

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While CNET's New York office waits for power to come back after the storm, we're bringing you the Update show from our San Francisco office. Friday's top tech stories include:

- iPad Mini launch day: Lines were smaller compared to a typical iPhone or iPad launch, but there were still some crowds. New York saw a long lines at the 5th Avenue store, which was sold out of iPad Minis two hours after it opened. One analyst estimates Apple might sell as many as 1.5 million iPad Minis over the weekend.

- Apple released its first bug fix update for iOS 6. The update addresses several problems, including one that has been a headache for businesses that use Exchange. The bug deletes a meeting for all invited attendees if one user declines an invitation.

- The $499 version of the Microsoft Surface tablet is sold out online. The bundles that come with a black cover are still available. Some Microsoft pop-up stores report the entry-level Surface is in stock. Oprah named the Surface one of her "Favorite Things" of the year, and said it was like a Mercedes-Benz.

- Microsoft is testing its own smartphone now with suppliers in Asia, according to The Wall Street Journal. Sources said the phone has a screen size between four and five inches.

- Facebook and Groupon are the latest digital hubs for donating to Sandy relief efforts. Facebook is rolling out the ability to donate in Gifts to 11 nonprofit groups, including the Red Cross. For the next week, Groupon has a page to donate to the micro-lender Accion East, which is aiding small businesses in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

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