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Invite your friends to dinner and a 'pool' party

The Fusion Table by Aramith is a dining table with a hideaway billiard table underneath the dining surface.

Supplies are stored inside, so no one will know you're a secret pool shark. Aramith

When I was growing up, I really wanted a pool table. And for a brief period of time, I actually thought I would get one. My parents took measurements of our basement and considered making it a game room. Sadly, they abandoned the idea after realizing that our house, even with its five bedrooms, just didn't have enough room for a pool table. But in a cosmic event of game-room redemption, Aramith has developed the Fusion Table, a dining room table that solves the problem that robbed me of several hours of childhood bliss.

The Fusion Table is a combination dining and pool table that is multifunctional to save space and still looks good enough to make an appearance in a high-end furniture catalog. The top of the dining table can be removed to reveal a full-size billiard table underneath.

Pool tables are traditionally at a taller height than dining tables, so the table can be converted from 30 inches for dining to the standard 33-inch game height using a patented Easy-Lift spring-loaded system. It also automatically locks and has an auto-level feature, so you can make sure that your game will be perfectly level (without having to wedge napkins or coasters under the legs).

Maybe you're looking at the picture and wondering, "But where are the pockets?" The patent-pending pockets are made of memory nylon material, so they lay flat when they're empty, but stretch out when they collect balls. When you're done playing, you store your cues, the rack, and the balls inside the table under the dining surface.

The table comes in five finishes, with either metal or wooden table lines. It also includes optional chairs or a leather bench, both of which can be stowed under or right against the table during gameplay.

The tabletop is perfect for pool, but can also function as a card or roulette table. In other words, you'd better prepare yourself to volunteer your dining room for game night every Friday.

If you want to see a video presentation about the table, see a gallery of pictures, or read more about the features, you can check out Aramith's Web site.