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Invision.TV gives users a dashboard for Web-based video content

Shown off at DemoFall, service aggregates Web video with a familiar TV service-like interface so that users can quickly and easy navigate through large amounts of content.

Invision.TV has created a personal recommendation engine for the Web that allows viewers to get a better selection of Web-based video content to watch. Daniel Terdiman/CNET News

SAN DIEGO--There's so much video content on the Web today--YouTube, ESPN, news sites, and so forth--that it can be difficult to find what you want to watch.

That's the premise behind Invision.TV, a company that has created a dashboard for aggregating and sharing Web-based video content.

The idea is based on interactive TV program guides that many of us are familiar with through our subscription TV services, for example. But instead of giving you selections of content from TV services, the video all comes from the Web.

The service embeds many Web video sources' players into its dashboard, while with others it simply links out to sites. But either way, it gives users seamless control of a wide variety of content and an easy way to find what they want to watch.

Additionally, it has a social networking element, allowing users to share video content with friends on, say, Facebook.

All told, this seems like a nice way to deal with the massive amounts of video content that's available online at any time--and to keep up with your favorite sites' videos, all without having to search sites individually.