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Internet Explorer still top browser as Chrome edges up

Data from web tracker Net Applications shows that Chrome has just overtaken Firefox on the desktop, but IE is still the big dog.

Still using Internet Explorer? While that might seem unlikely in the world of Chrome, Safari and Firefox, well over half the desktop browsers in the world are still IE.

(Credit: Net Applications)

In fact, the combined power of all the Internet Explorers out there is a whopping 57.96 per cent according to web tracking firm Net Applications.

Chrome has just edged itself into the number two slot at 17.52 per cent, but Firefox isn't far behind with 17.26 per cent. The Mac-based Safari was 5.68 per cent, while poor old Opera managed 1.2 per cent. (Not to suggest that's Opera's swansong, or any other aria-based puns.)

When you look at the specific version information, it's actually a little depressing. The top share of the space is taken by IE 8, which accounts for 21 per cent of the desktop browsers in the world. IE 11 follows at 15.7 per cent and Chrome 33 at 12.6 per cent.

At the very least, this tells us that Chrome users are better at updating. (Or that Internet Explorer 8 was the pinnacle of browser building.)