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Intel: Windows 7 will deploy faster than Vista

Intel sales chief says Windows 7 will catch on faster than Vista with both business and consumers due to improved compatibility, security, and power management.

Intel's sales chief said Wednesday he expects Windows 7 to deploy at a faster pace than Vista did.

Intel sales chief Sean Maloney
Intel sales chief Sean Maloney Intel

Intel made a splash last year when it said there was "no compelling reason" for Intel's IT department to upgrade to Windows Vista.

"This time I think it will go faster," said Sean Maloney, speaking Wednesday at the Intel Technology Summit.

"There was a reason not to deploy Vista because you're waiting for service pack X or (because of) compatibility issues," he said.

"There are really good reasons (to deploy Windows 7) for the business client. You've got compatibility mode that takes away that argument," he said. "Security, power management. A lot of good reasons," he said.

Maloney's comments were focused on business, but he said "consumer will happen, too."

He also addressed Netbooks saying that Netbooks will not attract first-time buyers. "The first time you buy something you want the real deal," he said, referring to mainstream laptops. He also reiterated a recent Intel theme that Netbooks will become more of a market targeted at children.