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Intel-AMD judge urged to allow foreign documentation

A special master appointed by the judge overseeing the Intel-Advanced Micro Devices antitrust case has recommended that the judge allow AMD to pursue foreign documents that might provide evidence against Intel.

The antitrust case filed by AMD last year is inching forward. Earlier this year, Judge Joseph Farnan ruled that AMD could not pursue claims based on allegations of misconduct by Intel in countries outside the U.S. Intel believed to foreign documentation, but that it should at least be allowed to submit possible evidence of wrongdoing that occurred overseas.

Vincent Poppiti, the special master, is sort of like an assistant to the judge and doesn't get to make the final decision. However, he was asked to make a recommendation to the judge after hearing arguments from both parties. The court should allow AMD to seek foreign documentation related to Intel's alleged behavior because overseas misconduct in a global market for semiconductors can have ramifications on U.S. companies, he wrote in his report.

Intel is evaluating the decision, which was issued Friday by the special master, a company representative said. The judge will hold a hearing on January 12 regarding this issue. There, the parties might argue further or the judge might issue a formal decision if everybody decides they've argued enough over this issue.