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InDesign CS and large files; no soft returns

InDesign CS and large files; no soft returns

Last week we covered a problem with large InDesign CS files incorporating large quantities of pages (non facing) with shadow settings and corner effects. In addition to further confirmation of the issue, there are some other issues with InDesign that readers want to see addressed.

One reader has a multiple-system confirmation of the large document stall issue - noting that version 2.0.2 of InDesign is immune:

"I head up a UK based design team running 18 copies of InDesign; 12 are V2.02 and the rest are CS and we have experienced almost no problems with V2.02 but I have had big problems with getting the 'spinning beach ball of death' when trying to save large 'facing page' documents of 60 pages, it gets its self into a state where you are forced to force quit; but once you have you cant re-open the document because there is a cache file that tells indesign its open; when it actually is not."

"The fix is to copy the file you are working on to another location on your drive (away from the cached file) rename it and reopen it, uncheck facing pages and save as.. (saving as apparently compresses the file and fixes glitches!)""

More confirmation, as well as a rejection of our previously published removal of Extensis Suitcase workaround from reader Mandy "Having the same/similar problem.  Have a 128 page document to print.  Keeps crashing or saying won't print due to 'memory condition' or 'out of memory'.  Have tried printing in batches of 10 pages and get the same problem.  Can seem to print one page at a time - not ideal. Tried quitting Suitcase - no change."

Meanwhile, Keri Southwood-Smith notes that a previously offered workaround that has been successful for some readers - will likely disable InDesign's auto recover ability:

"Deleting the InDesign Recovery folder as mentioned by S. Stevens would no doubt disable the exceptional recovery ability of InDesign. I have never lost a document due to a program crash, and without that folder, people might be playing with fire."

No soft returns Separately, MacFixIt reader Steve notes an issue where Illustrator CS can not do soft returns; soft returns are treated like hard returns.

"This problem has been raised with Adobe and their response is as follows:

ISSUE: Soft return performs like a hard return.

RESULT of TEST: This issue happens to all Illustrator CS, regardless of OS. We will report this issue to our development section.

WORK-AROUND:Unfortunately, there is no effective work-around for this issue.

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