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Incorrect colors in the Mac OS X 10.3.x Finder

Incorrect colors in the Mac OS X 10.3.x Finder

Dave Besade reports an issue where incorrect colors are displayed at various spots in the Finder. His description is as follows:

"Here is the issue, my monitor is showing images incorrectly, for example, my Finder icon (in the dock) is Pink and Purple instead of Blue, my trash can, instead of grey, is purple. If I open my System Preferences, my appearance panel is show to me as florescent green, pink, and purple, my dock panel is the same way. Now if I open a new finder window, the forward and back buttons both have visual artifacts as do all the buttons in the top, the selected viewing type (column, icon, list) is purple instead of my selected color, the selector color on the folder (my home directory, applications, documents, etc) is grey with artifacts when the window is inactive and florescent green with active, and then when I go on the net or open certain apps, even at random, all show various images with pink,purple, and green instead of the correct colors.

"Here is what I have done to correct the issue (nothing has worked so far):

  • Reinstalled Mac OS X 10.1.3, 10.2, and 10.3
  • Called Apple and Apple replaced my Motherboard for free - problem remained
  • Reset the PRAM
  • Ran DiskWarrior 3, TechTool Pro 4, Norton System Works, and Disk Utility and repaired permissions.
  • Changed my video Card - I had the stock Radeon 7500, it wasn't the issue as I have a 9800 pro now, and it does it with both.

Besade's system is a Power Mac G4 800 (7450 with Dual Monitors.

The reader quoted in this report was unable to use his Hardware Test CD (to check for a faulty graphic card or other component) because of a refusal to boot. So if you're having a similar problem and are capable of booting the Hardware Test CD, please send us your results.

The only separate confirmation we've received for this issue is from other users of ATI RADEON branded cards.

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