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Ice bucket wine cooler keeps wine dry and cool

Iceless wine cooler uses double-wall construction and two chambers to keep wine cool.

Two chambers of chill. Organize

Having a chilled bottle of wine by your side on a nice, warm day is one of life's little pleasures. The problem is, sometimes there is no cooling device nearby. Certainly, it isn't easy to lug a refrigerator to whatever pleasant hillside or beach shore you may be picnicking on. (Never mind the extension cord!) Ice buckets are nice and all, but soon you have a large puddle of water making everything soggy. For a nice, dry alternative to the standard ice bucket, check out the Twin Chiller Iceless Wine Cooler by Prodyne.

Using a double-wall design, the cooler keeps already chilled bottles nice and cool. As an extra benefit, a second chamber can be used as an ice bucket. Those who are uneasy about using ice bucket ice actually in their drinks will appreciate this feature. Best of all, for guaranteed chilled bottles, it features a removable freezer core for keeping bottles chilled for longer periods of time. Constructed from durable clear acrylic, the cooler has attractive chrome accents. It stands at 9.5 inches tall, with a width of 12 inches while measuring only 5.75 inches deep. It comes with two lids and two sets of tongs.

Classy and stylish, the wine chiller is a perfect solution to keeping wine cool. Small enough to be portable, the use of the removable freezer core is essential for those times when ice is not readily available. With the clear styling and chrome highlights, the wine chiller makes a splash even in the comfort of your own living room. After all, when enjoying a nice bottle of wine, sometimes even the kitchen refrigerator is too far away.