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iBook Dual USB display issues: Apple replacing a new part

iBook Dual USB display issues: Apple replacing a new part

We previously reported extensively on an issue with several iBook units involving failing displays . The problem most users are experiencing is a design flaw at the hinge to the display. Apparently there isn't enough room for the wires to pass through and handle the friction they receive by opening and closing the lid.

To recap, the problem generally manifests in one of three ways:

  • Video "artifacts" progressing to eventual system failure
  • "Black screen" or "dimming" of the backlight, when screen is opened past a certain angle
  • "Black screen" or "dimming" of the backlight at random times, which can be temporarily solved by tapping on, or applying pressure to, the iBook case directly below the fn and control keys (to the left of the trackpad)
We've now received reports that Apple is replacing a new part when machines are sent in for service, a sign that there may now be a more definitive fix. MacFixIt reader Terence Curtis writes "I just received my iBook back from it's second round of repairs. I thought MaxFixIt readers might be interested in the parts replaced.
  • The first time Apple replaced: 630-4040 PCBA,MLB,800MHZ
  • This time they replaced Part Number: 603-0300 ASSY, INTVR/REED/614-0127 INVERTER ASSEMBLY

"My initial tests at receiving the iBook this time: Start up and the screen worked. (Better than last time). I have tilted the screen back and forth and it hasn't gone black. I even slid-jiggled it on the counter top and the screen didn't go black. (Both of these actions caused it to black after the last "repair.")"

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