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IBM to bring Mac Notes up-to-date

IBM is expected to get its Notes client software up to speed on the latest Mac OS next week at its annual Lotusphere conference.

The company released Notes version 7 in September on Windows XP and Mac OS X 10.3. A company spokesman on Friday said that the company typically brings Mac versions fully up-to-date about three months after the initial release of a major update.

"We have a very enthusiastic base of customers who run Notes on the Mac and we'll continue to support them as long as there are customers," the spokesman said. The most current version is Mac OS X 10.4.4, which runs on the company's new Intel-based machines.

Also at Lotusphere, Lotus general manager Michael Rhodin is expected to discuss the IBM's plans to fill out is its "real-time collaboration" tools beyond text instant messaging.

Specifically, he'll outline IBM's products and partnerships to enable real-time video and audio communications, the IBM spokesman said. The company is also expected to provide an update on its Workplace family of Web portal products.