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Wearable Tech

Huawei's 4G Watch 2 comes Down Under 16 August

It'll be sold through Vodafone for AU$599, and thankfully it's not locked to any network.


The Huawei Watch 2 Classic.

Josh Miller/CNET

Apple is reportedly working on a watch able to run off a SIM independent of your phone, but Huawei has beaten them to the punch -- at least, if you live in Australia.

Huawei's Watch 2 can run on 4G thanks to a SIM slot in the device, and will launch 16 August, or next Wednesday, Down Under. It lets you receive phone calls, messages and emails even if you're without your phone.

The Watch 2 runs on Android 2.0, which has Uber, Facebook Messenger and Google Play Music apps that can run through the watch -- so if your phone dies on a night out, you can get an Uber using your Watch 2. The device also supports Android Pay

You can find one from Vodafone for AU$599, but since the Watch 2's aren't locked to any network, you can still insert a SIM from Telstra or Optus, for example, and find coverage.

Read more about the Huawei Watch 2, which also aims to double as a fitness coach, sporting a battery life of up to three weeks on one charge, here.

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