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HTC Touch Pro to be AT&T's HTC Fuze?

An AT&T product page shows that the HTC Touch Pro smartphone may come to the carrier as the HTC Fuze.

Engadget Mobile

While we're expecting to see the HTC Touch Pro land at Sprint or Verizon Wireless (thanks FCC) later this year, it might just be that the Windows Mobile 6.1 smartphone is also headed to AT&T. According to Engadget Mobile, a cached Google page revealed a teaser for the Touch Pro on the carrier's Web site.

Rebranded as HTC Fuze, the smartphone could be the replacement for the aging AT&T Tilt, shipping with the latest operating system out of the box and of course, sporting a fresh design. At first glance, the HTC Fuze might look like its sibling, the HTC Touch Diamond, but there's an added slide-out full QWERTY keyboard to please all the messaging fanatics. The device also has the TouchFLO 3D interface that makes the Windows Mobile OS look more easy to use; whether it actually succeeds in that is debatable.

As far as features, the HTC Fuze will support several e-mail solutions, including Microsoft Direct Push, Good Mobile Messaging, and BlackBerry Connect, and offers world roaming and push-to-talk capabilities. Wireless options are fully represented with HSDPA support, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS. The HTC Fuze will be compatible with AT&T Navigator for text- and voice-guided turn-by-turn driving directions and AT&T Cellular Video.

Of course, the page did not reveal key information like release date or pricing, but we'll be keeping an eye out for any news. Who knows, perhaps we'll find out something at Fall CTIA 2008, which is just around the corner.