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HTC One XL could be first 4G phone on Everything Everywhere

The HTC One XL, the LTE version of the One X, could be the UK's first 4G phone on Everything Everywhere's next-gen network.

The HTC One XL could be the UK's first 4G phone. The souped-up 4G version of the HTC One X is set to be the first to fire up Orange and T-Mobile's fast-approaching next-generation data network.

The One XL is the popular quad-core One X with added LTE, the super-fast mobile data technology popularly referred to as 4G. Already on sale in the US and Germany, which both have 4G networks, the One XL is reported by Pocket-lint to be bringing speedy streaming and brisk browsing to our green and pleasant land.

Speculation is rife that the new iPhone 5 will also be 4G, after the new iPad launched with LTE in the US. Fingers crossed we'll find out in a couple of weeks, with the new Apple iPhone rumoured to be revealed on 12 September.

Everything Everywhere -- the super-network made up of newly merged Orange and T-Mobile -- will launch the first 4G phone network in Britain before the end of this year. Having merged, the two networks have airwaves to spare, and they've just been given permission by telecoms watchdog Ofcom to use some of that excess spectrum for transmitting next-generation LTE data.

The 4G network will launch under a separate banner to Orange and T-Mobile. An official launch date is yet to be confirmed.

Three has also bought a slice of the spectrum that will be used for 4G, so could follow Everything Everywhere's example and launch its own next-gen network. But poor old O2 and Vodafone have to wait until they can buy chunks of a different 4G spectrum in an auction to be held by Ofcom next year -- something they're not particularly happy about.

Is the One XL a suitable choice for the first 4G phone? Which phone would you like to see speeded up? Tell me your thoughts in the comments or on our Facebook page.