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HTC Golf to sport Ice Cream Sand Wedge

A mobile codenamed the HTC Golf is rumoured to be arriving soon, looking like a budget blower with Ice Cream Sandwich on board.

HTC is reportedly teeing up a budget smart phone codenamed the HTC Golf, rumoured to arrive running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and sporting a 3.5-inch display.

PocketNow reports that it's secured information on this chipper (geddit?) little blower, as well as a test photo from the camera. The specs are rumoured to be rather modest, hinting that this phone will be reasonably cheap.

The processor is reportedly clocked at under 1GHz, for example, with the resolution pegged at a paltry 480x320 pixels. RAM is whispered to be 512MB, and 4GB of on-board storage is expected, as is the ability to increase that capacity using a microSD card.

Nothing's official yet, but this sounds a little like the HTC Explorer, a recent, wallet-friendly phone that I've mocked up in golf duds in the image above.

PocketNow reckons the HTC Golf will arrive sometime between April and June in a multitude of colours, but notes that 'Golf' won't be the final name -- that's just a codename for now.

HTC hasn't placed much emphasis on its low-end phones recently, with the quad-core HTC One X hogging the limelight at the recently concluded Mobile World Congress. The Golf wasn't on show there, perhaps because HTC didn't want to divot attention from its high-end marvels.

HTC hasn't wowed me much in the last year or so, with the bulky, industrial look of phones like the HTC Titan and HTC Sensation XE starting to feel stale compared to the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S2. The One X impressed me, however, with its slim, lightweight frame and slick Sense 4.0 interface. I reckon it's the quad-core phone to watch.

Could phones like the One X put HTC back on par with manufacturers like Samsung? Or does the company still have a fairway to go? Let me know by putting your thoughts in the comments box below, or slice some opinion onto our Facebook wall.