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Operating Systems

HP ushers in third wave of TouchSmart desktop all-in-ones

Just in time for our upcoming CNET holiday gift guide, HP has announced the third upgrade to its line of TouchSmart PCs.

HP Touchsmart 600

HP just announced the third upgrade to of its line of TouchSmart PCs, and the first model we've laid hands on, the TouchSmart 600 (full review here), was good enough to earn an Editor's Choice award. The new TouchSmart 300 and TouchSmart 600 feature 20-inch and 23-inch screens, respectively, and both offer the same multitouch screen with either a 16:9 1080P HD or HD-ready display.

To coincide with this announcement, HP is also rolling out exclusive applications for the TouchSmart PCs that take advantage of its multitouch enabled screen and Windows 7, including, but not limited to:

  • Hulu Desktop: browse and watch your favorite TV shows
  • Netflix: Instantly watch movies or browse and add films to your online queue
  • Pandora Internet Radio: Discover new music based on your personalized taste
  • TouchSmart Live TV: Watch and record your favorite television shows
  • TouchSmart Canvas: organize your photos on a virtual canvas and use your fingers to make edits
  • TouchSmart RecipeBox: Enjoy a hands-free cooking experience with recipes that respond to voice commands

Of those apps, the Recipe Box is the most impressive. Smart software lets you scrap and catalog recipes from a variety of popular recipe Web sites (Epicurious, Food Network, and Martha Stewart among them), and via voice recognition and text-to-speech you can navigate the recipes hands-free. It's the best kitchen-oriented PC solution we've seen.

The new 300 and 600 models also include a new swivel stand, a built-in wall mount support, in addition to a new tiltable web cam for group conferences and video chats. Both models are available in a variety of retail configurations with customizable configurations available at

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HP TouchSmart 300 - Front
HP TouchSmart 300 - Profile
HP TouchSmart 600 - Back
Screenshot: HP Games
Screenshot: Hulu Desktop
Screenshot: Netflix Desktop