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How high can you jump? Measure with Vert

Whether you're working on your jump shot or just love leaping, this air gauge could lift you higher.

Vert is an inertial measurement unit that can track your levitating skills. Indiegogo

LAS VEGAS--One of the more simple fitness-oriented devices on exhibit here at CES 2013 is Vert, billed as the world's first wearable jump measurement system.

Vert attaches to your waistband, belt, cap, or wherever and calculates how high you jump by using a gyroscope and an accelerometer.

It performs more than 50 simultaneous calculations to calculate height with 96 percent accuracy, according to maker Mayfonk Athletic.

Smaller than a matchbox, the device has an OLED screen showing your altitude in inches. It can send the data to your iOS or Android mobile device via one of two Vert apps, which can track multiple user height records and jumping progress.

Now the subject of an Indiegogo campaign with a $70,000 goal, it could find fans among basketball players, BMXers, and skateboarders, as well as volleyball or jump-rope enthusiasts.

Vert packages start at $79 for a basic unit, with delivery expected in April.

Meanwhile, check out the promo vid below. How high can you fly?