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Home-Account launches mortgage-finding service

If you want to get out from under your mortgage, this service may help. For a fee.

Home-Account is a mortgage-finding service with a little twist. You tell it about your situation (value of home or amount of refinance you're looking for, location, income, etc.) and it gives you advice on looking better to banks, so you get the good rate--or these days, any rate at all. It also monitors mortgages for you, alerting you when a good one comes along. It doesn't make money by lead generation, like most loan-finding sites do, but it does cost $9.95 a month. The longer the company keeps looking for you, the more money they make. You have to trust that if the best mortgage for you is available right now, they'll just tell you and not squeeze you for the subscription fee.

First it helps you get into financial shape, then it finds you a new mortgage. Home-Account

The company is launching at Demo 09.

I do expect that there will be dozens if not hundreds of services popping up this year that aim to save consumers money or improve their financial situation. It's going to be a craze. Look for the books, too. Home-Account looks decent, but consumers should also pay attention to Mint and other services that track finances and generate potentially money-saving offers for users.