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HDT and Quantum Fireball TM2100S incompatibility?

HDT and Quantum Fireball TM2100S incompatibility?

David Brown claims that the FWB Hard Disk Toolkit 2.0.6 driver did not seem to be compatible with the Quantum Fireball TM2100S that came with his Power Macintosh 7300/200. He writes: "The drive would stop functioning after a few minutes use. Reverting to the original driver alleviated the problem. FWB Technical Support acknowledged that since the drive is not on their supported devices list, there could indeed be a problem. The technician said that an update would be coming, but could not offer an estimate of when."

Update: Several readers report no sign of any incompatibility here. The initial report may be incorrect; I took a chance posting it mainly because of the apparent confirmation from FWB.