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Has Samsung given up on bashing Apple?

The ad currently running for the Galaxy Note is a borderline infomercial and offers none of the Apple-bashing so enjoyed by Samsung in the run-up to the Super Bowl.

Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Today's existential question is this: has Samsung gone all Floyd Mayweather?

Just as it seems that Mayweather is reluctant to again take on Manny Pacquiao, Samsung appears to have forsaken its Apple-thumping.

The evidence for this bathed my eyes last night as I was watching "The Voice." (You don't? Why not? It's full of human nuance.)

For there was an extremely tame, almost rudimentary ad for the Samsung Galaxy Note.

In an almost paint-by-numbers fashion, the ad tried to show that the Galaxy Note gives you the best of a tablet and the best of a smartphone.

What the ad doesn't give you is the idea that Apple fanboys are horrific automatons blinded by their baseless devotion.

Should you have been unreasonably obsessing lately over whether the new iPad HD will fold in two and fit into your shirt pocket, you might not remember that Samsung tried to daub Apple as a bygone brand.

In the run-up to the Super Bowl, the company produced several ads--some even well-written--in which Apple fanboys stood in line and were suddenly mesmerized by a new Samsung gadget.

The apogee--or, to some, nadir--of this exercise was an extraordinary Super Bowl commercial in which many Apple fanboys and girls were seized by a novel medical syndrome.

They were taken by an urge so powerful that they suddenly believed in the Galaxy Note, as well as in the spiritual and medicinal qualities of glam rock.

This latest ad seems a little sedated.

How sad that Samsung now believes that the future is "a pen with a brain" rather than an Apple fanboy losing his brain and frolicking in the streets.