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Haier: Lessen water and energy use with a new washer

This Energy Star-rated high efficiency washer uses just 24 gallons of water for a normal wash.

A pretty machine with pretty significant energy savings. Haier America

Many traditional agitator washers use about 48 gallons of water for a normal wash cycle. That's a lot of water. But short of washing your clothes in the creek, what exactly are you supposed to do?

Haier has come up with a way to lower water and energy usage with a new top-loading machine that uses just 24 gallons of water for a normal wash, and improves timing on the quick cycle. The Encore washing machine uses a shower rinse system that showers clothes with water, then spins and drains simultaneously, saving water on every load while removing more detergent, soil, and irritants than other machines.

Dual Drive technology keeps your clothes tumbling rapidly so they don't tangle. Tangling stretches clothes and shortens their longevity. A floating tub system controls tension so the machine can balance the load effectively, sparing you that annoying buzzer.

The best part? The machine is Energy Star rated, so it's helping to keep you and the planet clean.