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Gyration Air Music Remote gives you total control

Gyroscopic device in remote allows you to control the satellite/cable box, home theater, TV, and even some computers.


The Gyration Air Music Remote with MotionSense technology made its debut Monday. This new universal remote is meant to replace all previous Gyration remotes with its new features. The Air Music Remote not only controls the satellite/cable box, home theater, and TV, it also controls Windows XP- and Vista-based computers.

This is all possible through the gyroscopic device in the remote, which allows in-air cursor tracking. A user can interact with and manipulate items onscreen through movement and pointing of the remote, similar to a Wii remote. It also has left and right buttons to launch and/or close applications.

In addition, the remote can play and manage music files from iTunes and Windows Media Player without having to turn a TV or PC monitor on. The backlit 1-by-1.5 inch LCD display, on the top of the remote, allows the user to search for artist, song, genre, or playlist.

According to Gyration, the PC remote's range is about 100 feet. This is due to the RF (radio frequency) on which the remote operates. It also works on IR (infrared), which is common with televisions and audio equipment.

Stay tuned for our full review.