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Grow your herbs on the grill

The Hot Pot BBQ offers a clever way to save space on the patio.

Looks like a terracotta planter, but hides a secret inside.
Looks like a terracotta planter, but hides a secret inside. MoMA Store

Grilling requires not only fire and ingredients, but also space.

Patios and decks are little islands that offer a bit of respite from everyday hectic life. When a grill is added, that little island can become a paradise. One major drawback, however--like many vacation spots--is that they can quickly become overcrowded. Adding a grill only complicates matters; patio furniture in all its forms is sure to follow. And that doesn't even get to the decorative items. But for some, that's a start.

Combining a decorative planter with a charcoal grill, the Hot Pot BBQ offers a readily available escape for those with limited space. (Or for those who just want a tidy back yard.) The diminutive grill measures just 7 inches tall with a 13-inch diameter. A paired planter stores on top when the grill is not in use, and the whole contraption still comes in at under 12 inches tall when stacked.

Limited only by space and how tall an herb garden can grow, the grill offers big-time fun in a small space. Designed by Daniel Black and Martin Blum, the grill gives users the opportunity to create their own oasis from the comfort of home. Best of all, when the time comes to get cooking, fresh herbs will be at the ready--no need to ruin the vacation with a trip to the supermarket.