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Ground spices on the go

The Tulip Spice Grinder adds taste to your meals without adding mess to your kitchen.

The Tulip Spice Grinder Solutions

Many spice grinders seem to season your countertops just as much as they season your food. Pick up a grinder to add some fresh pepper to dinner and there's always a little pile of already ground pepper sitting underneath. The Tulip Spice Grinder offers a simple solution: rather than sitting with the grinder down when not in use, the Tulip Spice Grinder sits upright, minimizing mess.

As well as reducing cleanup, the Tulip Spice Grinder is easy to use. It has an ergonomic design that makes grinding peppercorns, spices, seeds, and even rock salt simple. You can set just how fine a grind you want, making the grinder even more versatile. The grinding mechanism is ceramic: even heavy use won't dull it or corrode it. The container holding your spices still to be ground is glass. You can see at a glance if you need to refill. It separates easily from the section containing the grinder with just a few twists and has a wide mouth, which is easy to refill no matter what spice you want to grind. The other half of the Tulip Spice Grinder comes in red, spring green, or white. The grinder is priced at $14.95.