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Google's arty after-party New Year's Day doodle

Having offered a party of a doodle for New Year's Eve, today Google presents the cleanup, in which the only character remaining is deep in thought.

All that remains is The Thinker. Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Are you experiencing a slightly dry feeling in your mouth? Are your limbs offering involuntary jitters and twitches?

The fiscal cliff negotiations can do that to you.

However, Google would like to tell you that it understands the pain of entering 2013 without a sheet to the wind.

Having presented a charming doodle for New Year's Eve (below), featuring so many of the characters from the doodles of 2012 (you can see all Google's doodles here), today it presents the cleanup.

Reality has chimed. The cleaners have arrived. Robert Moog, Moby Dick, and Niels Bohr have all gone home. Even Julia Child has taken her pots and pans and scarpered.

The lone remaining reveler is Rodin's Thinker. He's still sitting at his computer.

There is clearly artistic meaning at play here. Those doodlers are nothing if not intellectual.

The Thinker, obviously not the drinker, is pondering a solution to the world's ills.

How can he bring prosperity to all? How can he bring love and happiness to those who see only lightless tunnels?

Alternatively, the Thinker is a Google engineer. He didn't get the day off and he's still trying to work out how to make Google+ a little better. Or a lot.

It was quite a party. Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET