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Google Wi-Fi in New York?

Google is apparently expanding its Wi-Fi network into New York City, according to a Web log with a photo of an area wireless network being powered by the search giant. Mountain View, Calif.-based Google has already sponsored free Wi-Fi "hot spots"--or Net connections over short distances--in San Francisco and Silicon Valley; and now Google's giveaway may be bicoastal. According to Google's Web site, the company is testing a free wireless service called Google WiFi. And with the recent launch of Google Talk, instant chat and voice over IP communications software, Google seems to be quickly forming a voice and Internet broadband network, which could soon offer those services free in many U.S. cities for the price of people's privacy. That means that Google will surely try to deliver personalized ads to people wherever they are and using whatever device, whether it's the PC, phone, PDA, car, refrigerator...and so on.