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'Google Tunes' strikes a chord

No one's too surprised by an that Google is soon to roll out a new music download service to compete with Apple Computer's iTunes, particularly since the prediction comes on the heels of the search giant's newly launched Google Video.


As Bear Stearns analysts Robert Peck said, the so-called Google Tunes--expected to launch within three to six months--is the next "logical step" for Google.

Bloggers are recognizing the significance of the potential launch, and hope Google Tunes is an improvement over Google Video, which initially about its poor design and light selection.

Blog community response:

"I have long preferred Yahoo's music service that charges a flat fee, but the real money is locked into Apple's stranglehold on the iPod. Google would need some serious hardware or make the music 100 percent free to succeed. So why report on this? If Google is about serving ads, a free ad-based music platform could shake things up and that sounds very, very possible."
--Alice Hill's Real Tech News

"This could be a great service, and yet another windfall for advertising revenues. Imagine the cross-promotional aspects available for music genres and artist gear and memorabilia."

"If the music service is anything close to their video service, the only thing I see in Google's future is a bunch of layoffs."
--David Thomas on CNET's Talkback