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Google Street View drivers prefer deer to humans

A Street View driver in New York ran over a deer and stopped to see if it was OK. Which contrasts with the Street View driver in Australia who filmed a man lying unconscious by the road and didn't bother stopping.

It seems that Google's Street View drivers are, perhaps unsurprisingly, rather more fond of animals than humans.

One of the search engine's driver-snoopers ran into a baby deer on Five Points Road in Rush, N.Y. Naturally, he filmed the whole thing. Perhaps less naturally, he stopped to see if Baby Bambi was alright.

I only say "less naturally" because of the tale from not so long ago, of the Street View driver who filmed an unconscious man in Australia, but didn't bother stopping to see if he might be drunk or dying. (It turned out to be the former, but, in his defense, his best friend had just died and he was grieving in an entirely Australian way.)

You will, I know, have far more repose this weekend when I tell you that the Baby Bambi didn't wait for the police to arrive and staggered off into the woods. Perhaps the poor thing didn't have any insurance.

Why did the deer cross the road? To be on Google Street View, of course. CC Christina T

It seems that the images of the deer have strangely disappeared from Google Street View. The Daily What speculates that Google is trying to remove the image from the site.

This is entirely possible, although Google is not always quite so swift at removing difficult images.

Such as the image of a man seated on his toilet in a Melbourne suburb, which had been on the site since last August. It was only removed in the last few days, when Google sensed a potential stink after a couple of sites featured the innocent bysitter.

I can only remain relieved that, as yet, the Street View drivers have not located my own house in one of the stranger parts of California. We hunt raccoons here, you see.