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Google Play redesign glimpsed again, said to be in testing

Another screenshot suggests the new version of the app shop is being tested with Google employees.

Google's rumoured redesign of the Play Store has been glimpsed again, with a screenshot that suggests the upcoming revamp is being tested within the Big G's hallowed halls.

The screenshot was posted -- and subsequently deleted -- by a YouTube staff member, Android Central reports. The image, which you can see for yourself above, points to a cleaner, paler look for the Android app.

If you squint, you'll see that the Google Play shopping bag icon at the top of the screenshot has been replaced with a dog food bowl -- this is probably a reference to 'dogfooding', a business term that refers to a big company forcing its employees to chow down on its own products.

That would imply that Google's employees are giving the new-look Play app a go already -- or perhaps Google has an incoming partnership deal with Pedigree Chum.

If the new app is being put through the wringer internally, it may not be far from a proper release. 

Google Play started life as the Android App Store, but was renamed as Google pushed non-software goodies like movies, ebooks and music.

While by no means a design disaster, the current version of Play looks a little dark-and-gloomy compared to this new leaked snap. Putting the available download categories along the top of the app seems like a smart move, too.

Are you hoping for a Google Play redesign? What does Android need to do to keep competing with Apple's iOS? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.