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Google Flights helps Australians get out of Australia

The service has been available in the US for six years. Six. Years.


Kayak and Hopper help you compare and book flights, but Google Flights one-ups them both by combining some of their best features. And it's finally available in Australia.

The service gets you a simple list of available flight options that are the best trade-off of convenience and price. The "Explore" feature lets you choose a month and a trip duration, and you can see the dates with the lowest prices to visit each place. The main joy for Australians is you can compare flights without worrying if those AU dollarydoos are accurately converted.

If you're a bargain holiday hunter with a specific destination in mind, you can also track a flight and receive email notifications if the price decreases significantly.

Google Flights has been available in the US for six years (!), but it's just now hit Australia. You can check it out here. Safe travels!