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Google Doodle marks 105 years since first Mount Olympus ascension

Is that you Zeus? Three mortals reached the peak of Greece's highest mountain on Aug. 2, 1913.


Three men reached the summit of Greece's Mount Olympus on this day 105 years ago.


Google Doodle on Wednesday marked the 105th anniversary of the first successful climb to Mount Olympus' summit.

Swiss photographer Frederic Boissonnas and his friend Daniel Baud-Bovy, were guided by local hunter Christos Kakkalos as they braved adverse weather conditions to reach the highest peak in Greece -- known as the home of the gods in Greek mythology.

When the trio reached what they thought was the top of the mountain, the mist cleared and they spotted the true summit, Mytikas. 

View of highest peak of Mount Olympus called Mytikas Eroded rocks

Mytikas is the highest peak of Mount Olympus.

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At 2,919 metres (9,573 feet), it's Europe's 11th highest peak and its name translates to "nose."

Boissonnas later said he was compelled by the fire of Prometheus, who stole it from the gods and gave it to humanity as a gift.

Kakkalos became the first official Mount Olympus guide and last reached Mytikas in 1972.