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Google buys BufferBox, gearing up for same-day deliveries?

Google has bought a start-up that offers lockers to hold your purchases, hinting it wants to rival Amazon in the delivery stakes.

Google could be ready to deliver a same-day delivery service to challenge Amazon. It's just bought a Canadian start-up called BufferBox, which has lockers in central locations that hold your parcel until you're ready to pick it up, Engadget reports. So if you're at work all day, just swing by the locker on the way home, or whenever is convenient for you. No waiting in for the postie required.

It's similar to Amazon Locker, a service the online retailer started offering late last year. And it hints Google is looking to become more of an Internet shopping powerhouse.

Google is keeping mum on what it intends to do with BufferBox, but one of the Big G's engineering directors told the Financial Post that the start-up's branding and services would continue for the foreseeable. But I'd be surprised if it just sticks with the service as is.

Google has been launching more and more products of late, and they only seem to be getting better. The Nexus 4 -- built by LG -- is great value for money, winning our coveted Editors' Choice Award. It's just a shame Google has struggled with stock. The device sold out in just half an hour, with plenty of Android fans keen to snap up a bargain. It recently went back on sale in the Play Store in the US, but us Brits are currently left wanting. Try to buy one, and you'll see the message: "We are out of inventory. Please check back soon."

Amazon too has been launching more products, expanding its Kindle line recently, but has a lot more experience as a retailer, so has a considerable head start on Google.

Would you prefer to pick up your package from a locker? How else can Google integrate BufferBox into its shopping services? And what's been your experience of buying from the search giant? Deliver your verdict below, or on Facebook.