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Go-Mac 1.2 issues

Go-Mac 1.2 issues

Regarding the recently released GoMac 1.2 utility, as mentioned here previously:

a. According to Stephen Giles, the developer of GoMac confirms that it is "necessary to have the General Controls control panel loaded" in order to get "the Programs and Documents sub-menus to show up in the Start menu."

b. Stephen also found a GoMac 1.2 conflict with the slide show modes of JPEGView 3.3.1 and Jade 1.2 (the screen went black and no JPEGs were displayed). After some further testing, he found that this problem only occurred if GoMac is set to "auto-hide" its task bar.
Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0.1:
Changes to Virtual Memory settings
William Sudderth, using a Performa 600 running System 7.1, started to have problems with slower performance of all of his TCP/IP applications - as well as more frequent "CRC errors and hardware overruns." He believes that the cause of all this is the installation of Explorer 3.01. It is not Explorer itself that is the problem. Rather it is the fact that the installation process turned on virtual memory (he had it off previously) and sets it to twice the size of the physical RAM. He says that Microsoft Tech Support has confirmed that this is the case.

While this VM setting shift may work well enough on Power Macs, William found that it was "not the way to go on a 680x0 machine" - at least not one still using System 7.1.