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Go in style with the Sony Ericsson Z555a

The Z555 offers a unique design and a new feature.

Sony Ericsson Z7555 Sony Ericsson

Sony Ericsson is no stranger to unique cell phone design so we weren't surprised when we saw the new Sony Ericsson Z555a, introduced today at CES. The Z555a is a flip phone with a style-conscious diamond design in two color schemes: black or dusted rose. The external display is "hidden," meaning that it only shows when activated. I'm not a big fan of such displays--I like to see my screens at all times--but students of minimalism should be pleased.

Fortunately, the Z555a isn't all about design. It also offers a new "gesture control" feature that apparently will allow you to control the phone with a "wave of your hand." According to Sony Ericsson you'll be able to mute a ringtone during a call by simple moving your hand back and forth over the phone. Also, if you're using the alarm clock, you can put the alarm in snooze mode by sweeping your hand in a similar manner. Sony Ericsson promises that it "works like magic," though I think that might be a bit of a stretch. But I have to admit it sounds a bit more practical than the shake control on the W580.

Other features include stereo Bluetooth, a speakerphone, e-mail and messaging, a 1.3-megapixel camera, a media player, and personal organizer applications. The Z555a is triband (GSM 850/1800/1900) and it supports EDGE networks.