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Gmail testing bevy of new features, report says

Google could soon introduce additional groups, pinning, and snoozing to the Gmail experience.

New Gmail features reportedly being tested.

The Gmail mobile experience may soon become much cleaner and more user-friendly, according to a new Geek report.

Details obtained by the tech site suggest Google may introduce a host of handy, fresh features. Leaked screen shots apparently show a more refined user interface along with other new abilities plus support for more kinds of groups.

Should the rumors prove accurate, Gmail will add three extra categories (Travel, Purchases, and Finance) to the existing four of Social, Promotions, Forums, and Updates. Likely user-defined and customized, these could go a long way to making Google Now even smarter.

Additional features Google is possibly testing include pinning an email to the top of your inbox and snoozing (marking read) for a determinate amount of time.

The look and feel of Gmail may change as well; the leaked images show round contact icons, more white space, and a more Google-y overall appearance.

As Geek writer Russell Holly points out, not all of these features may arrive at the same time. Some could be delivered piecemeal while others maybe shelved altogether. And, if we're to expect a new mobile experience, a refreshed desktop UI might not be far behind either.