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Girt by CNET: The Australian CNET podcast, episode 4

This week the Girt by CNET podcast takes a slightly different tack and takes a broad look at two of the bigger tech stories of the year -- piracy and metadata -- as well as dipping its toe into the muddy water of the TPP.

This year a handful of particular topics have dominated the tech news cycle, and piracy and metadata have been two of the most emotive and confusing ones out there.

On this week's Girt by CNET we do a little wrap of each topic, looking at why it's been in the news and what's happening right now.

We also start a little wade into the murky world of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and what the documents procured by Wikileaks might mean for copyright in Australia.

Girt by CNET, October 31 2014